LED lighting saves energy and reduce electricity bills.

It is especially recommended for sites where lights are regular needs:

  • supermarkets
  • shops selling
  • public places: hospitals, trains, offices
  • confined spaces: parks, subways, tunnels, elevators

AES LED products have features which enable it to not generate the heat caused by traditional technologies emerging from the infrared and ultraviolet.  Unlike traditional technologies, our LED products do not explode by the effect of heat.  They allow a very substantial energy savings and will save more than 85% energy compared to traditional bulbs. All our products are RoHS certificate and contain no mercury or toxic materials and are 100% environmentally friendly and are harmless to human health. De plus, les produits AES LED ont obtenu différents certificats de sécurité comme l’UL, le ETL, le TUV le CE, le FCC, le C-tick et le KC mark afin de produire un éclairage confortable et sécure.

Furthermore, AES LED products have obtained various safety certificates, such as UL, ETL on the TUV CE, FCC, C-tick and KC mark to produce a comfortable and secure lighting .

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