Technologies of treatment and production of water from renewable energies.

A resource for the future:

The natural freshwaters are scarce,  badly distributed, sensitive to the droughts, such that by the policy of water is a challenge in all the countries undergoing a pressure on the water resources.

Face to the needs for fresh water in the world, for the consumption of the populations, the irrigation, and the tourist development, it appears tempting and logical to resort to the desalination of sea.

This resource accounts for 97% of the total water reserve on planet, while the majority of the population is concentrated on the littorals.

The sea water receives most of the water which is on ground and which moves by evaporation and the rains. It is the oldest water, stored over one sufficient duration to strongly take care out of rock salt.

The dessalinisation is doubtless one of the future keys to the problems of water in the world, in particular on the small installations up to 200 m3/jour which make possible to produce locally without weighing down the budgets of investment with networks of always long drains of distribution, difficult to install, little adapted to the extreme climates and sources of escapes.
Moreover these stations of small capacities make possible to consider renewable energies more easily.

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