Alternative Energy Solutions

Alternative Energy Solutions SAS (AES SAS)

AES SAS is one of the global leader in the distribution of equipment for renewable energy. We assist our customers with advices on high-level engineering. We offer to our customers the provisions of our latest  technical and technological finds.

AES SAS is one of the first companies to introduce BIPV technology in France involving Solrif frame to European photovoltaic modules Heliene.

We have a coherent vision:

– The combination of different technologies to produce clean energy, is the ideal solution.

– Producing renewable energy must be accompanied undeniably by saving solution.
AES is in these main by selling the best existing products in the areas of:


•Solar :

Equipment for solar photovoltaic : grid-connected or stand-alone.

Equipment to manufacture photovoltaic modules.

Pumping water through photovoltaics energy.

Equipment for the production of hot water through solar energy for heating of houses, swimming pools and hot water.

•Biogas :

Equipment for agricultural effluents management.

Equipment for food industry.

Equipment for  sewage plant.

•Energy savings :

LED low energy lighting.


We also have technical expertise on other types of renewable energy:

Light electric vehicles and solar.

•Solar thermal: solar cooling, solar desalination.

Heating wood: pellets and logs


AES SAS is your partner and  excellence guide in the century of change.

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